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breathing in fumes was an idea brewing in my head for awhile, finally coming to exist when I had enough free time to make it a reality. Born out of my love for Depeche Mode's music, and for and creating new (mostly visual) multimedia, this site is, literally, "My Joy."

Annie My name is Annie, and I am a professional web developer and designer with many years of experience in both areas. While I love my day job, working on this site allows me to be a bit more creative than I can there. This site has been created by me and is always a work in progress. I have a zillion ideas but only so much time in a day... so it may be a little sparse at first but will hopefully snowball into something great.

If you have any suggestions for the site, send them along! Ideas are always welcome.

Oh, and this site is dedicated to my wonderful sister, who got me hooked years ago. :)

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While I'd like everyone to be able to view the site, if you have a browser more than a few years old (hint: if you have Netscape 4.7, this is you!) then it's time to upgrade. Your resolution needs to be at 800 x 600 or higher, and you should have a CSS-enabled browser.

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I don't get paid for any of this, but if you want to help out towards the costs of upkeep for this site, it would be very much appreciated!


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