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Seriously... still here
June 18, 2014
So. Kids are time consuming. (Duh.) I totally thought that I would still be up late hours, plugging away at my websites, when I had kids.

Well, once they get a little older, I plan to get back on here, tinkering away like before. Please be patient in the meantime! Hope you are all doing well! :-)
Still here...
January 20, 2012
Yes, I am still around, if you were wondering at all. Real life became all too busy for me to keep up with this site like I used to. But, I still have those plans from... *checks date of last update* ... wow... two years ago?! Eek.
Random errors
December 02, 2009
I really need to switch hosting providers. They just upgraded the database version without informing me, and broke all of my sites yesterday. (Awesome.) So, I'm trying to fix it now, but there may be random errors until I get everything. Please let me know if you run into any problems on here... Thanks!
Version 2.0
November 24, 2009
I'm working on a big overhaul of the site at the moment. Nothing's being removed, but you'll definitely want to see the changes when they go live. To be informed as things happen, click here to see the various ways that you can be notified when the new version is up!
Icons and cursors
July 27, 2009
Haven't had much time to update the site recently (sadness!) but I did get an icon set and a cursor set put together for the Sounds of the Universe album. Enjoy!
May 15, 2009
I've been doing some upgrades, so there may be mystery errors on here... they're being resolved as soon as possible.